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8 Most Popular Types of Monstera Plants

by Lisna Indah Cahyani 13 Jun 2022 0 comments
8 Most Popular Types of Monstera Plants - Indonesia Plant
Monstera plants have been popular since the Covid-19 pandemic. People flock to collect ornamental plants. According to The Joy of Plants, monstera is a member of the arum family. This type of monstera can be found in Panama and southern Mexico. Monstera also attach themselves to tree trunks, rocks or soil with aerial roots that exist in the forests of Southeast Asia. One of the characteristics of this type of plant is the leaves are large and round. The perforated leaves are the main attraction, complemented by a classic green color with a hint of white, adding to the uniqueness of this type of monstera plant.
Usually, this plant is used as a room divider or decoration in the corners of the house. Here are eight of the most popular types of monstera plants that can be grown indoors, reported by Indoor Garden Nook
This type of plant is also often referred to as the Swiss Cheese plant. Adansonii comes with dark green leaves, giant and hollow. The leaves are heart-shaped, some are slightly rounded, and some are narrower. Monstera adansonii is a type of vine that is evergreen and depends on the species. This plant can grow at a height of 15-20 meters
2. Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa has unusual, hollow leaves, which is one of the reasons why this plant is so popular. Deliciosa species are found in the tropics. The leaves are heart-shaped, dark green, and grow without holes and lobes when they are young. Indoors this plant can usually grow up to two or three meters, depending on the overall conditions. If planted outside, the size of this plant can grow very tall
3. Monstera Borsigiana
This type of plant is similar to monstera deliciosa, but there are differences. This type of plant does not have a ridge where the leaf attaches to the stem
This type of plant looks similar to the Adasoni type, but is actually not the same. The difference can be seen from the price. The price of the Obliqua type tends to be more expensive than the Adansonii. The Obliqua does not grow as large as some of the other variants, and grows very slowly. This species produces about 30 to 70 new leaves in a year or half
Epipremnoides plants have a larger whole plant part, including the leaves. The leaves are dark green, but still lighter than those seen in other types. Monstera epipremnoides is full of tiny holes that spread almost to the edge of the leaf, giving it a unique and distinctive appearance. Because it is unique, this plant is not easy to get and needs to cost a little more
6. Monstera Dubia
This breed has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and lots of spots. The leaves can be dark green and light green, but can also be variegated. When young, the holes on the leaves are not visible, but as they develop, they change significantly. Some people also call this plant a "shingle plant". If you want to plant it indoors, you can use a moss pole to support it
7. Monstera Punctulata
This type of monstera plant has glossy green leaves with a soft texture. The color of these leaves varies from dark green to lighter colors, which sometimes appear golden. This type of plant has the ability to produce fruit that takes several months to ripen
8. Monstera Karstenianum
This type requires moderate watering, bright and indirect light. Make sure the type of soil has good drainage, and maintain a higher level of moisture. This type of plant is often known as Monstera sp. Peru. Monstera karstenianum can be propagated by stem cuttings. This plant can grow in both water and soil, but its roots develop a little more slowly in water. When the roots have formed, this plant can be transferred to a pot or hanging basket.

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