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5 Tips for Caring for Syngonium Plants for Beginners

by Lisna Indah Cahyani 13 Jun 2022 0 comments
5 Tips for Caring for Syngonium Plants for Beginners - Indonesia Plant

Syngonium is an indoor ornamental plant that is usually used to beautify a room. This is a type of plant that propagates in all directions. The syngonium variety is an easy plant to care for as long as you remember to water it. They are low light tolerant houseplants and will grow almost anywhere in your home. The leaves come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so choose the one that best suits your personality.

The most beautiful attribute of this adaptable houseplant is that it can be trained to grow the way you want it! Try anchoring them to posts, trellises, or walls. Syngonium is also the perfect houseplant for people with little or no experience caring for plants.

They can live a long time without fertilizer, and can be placed in almost any space with little light. However, that does not mean this plant does not need attention or care. Launching from Planterina on Saturday (11/12/2021), here are five tips that must be considered when maintaining syngonium plants for beginners.



Although these plants are very tolerant of low light, they will grow faster and retain their color and leaf pattern if placed in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Because the sun will scorch the leaves. Syngonium can also be grown under an artificial light source if your room lacks light.



Allow this indoor plant to dry out partially between waterings. If left to dry too long, the lower leaves will dry out and turn brown. If this happens, soak the soil and allow the plant to rehydrate. If the soil remains wet for a long time, the leaves will begin to turn yellow or brown. When plants are watered too much, the soil becomes waterlogged, preventing oxygen from reaching the roots. This swamp-like soil condition is a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. So make sure not to water this plant too much.



Arrowhead Vines type syngonium plants will grow in most household temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. They don't like the temperature dropping below 50? Keep them out of the wind during the monsoon months.



An average household humidity of 40-50% is sufficient for this indoor plant, but most houseplants benefit from humidity in excess of 60% if you can provide it.



These vines should be fertilized during the growing season with a full strength liquid fertilizer twice a month. Or use a slow release fertilizer or top dress with worm castings or compost.

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