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How to Overcome Black and Burning Philodendron Leaves

by Lisna Indah Cahyani 13 Jun 2022 1 comment
How to Overcome Black and Burning Philodendron Leaves - Indonesia Plant

Philodendron has leaves with an attractive glossy green color. Apart from being easy to cultivate, this plant has become popular because of its beautiful leaf shape. However, even though it is easy to cultivate, philodendron plants are prone to problems, especially on the leaf surface. Leaves are often found withered and yellowed and even turn black. Launching from Garden for Indoor, Wednesday (12/1/2022), philodendron leaves can turn black for various reasons. Such as sunlight, fungus and irrigation. The following causes black philodendron leaves and how to overcome them.


Low Humidity

The philodendron's native habitat is in tropical climates and prefers humid areas. However, philodendrons are often kept indoors with dry air. This low humidity causes evaporation and respiration so that the moisture in the leaves is lost. In addition, areas with low humidity are also usually dusty, so the dust will stick to the leaves of the plant causing black spots to appear on the leaf surface.

Solution : Get rid of blackened leaves by pruning them. Then place the philodendron together with a group of other houseplants to create a humid microclimate. If the room is too dry, you can also use a humidifier to make the room more humid.


Stress Due to Heat

Intense heat exposure is also not good for philodendron leaf development. For that avoid placing it around heat sources such as in direct sunlight, near radiators, near fireplaces and heat vents. Heat can cause moisture to evaporate quickly, but it also builds up heat in the root area which blocks the absorption of nutrients and water.

Solution : Philodendron can grow well at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, preferably move it in a shaded and shady area.


Sudden Change

Hot and cold winds will make the philodendron experience drastic temperature changes, causing leaf tissue damage. In addition, the wind also causes loss of moisture in the leaves so that the leaves turn black.

Solution : Philodendron prefers temperatures in the range of 21-27 degrees Celsius. Make sure the room has good enough aeration with a constant temperature. Remove plants from areas that allow drastic changes in temperature such as windows, radiators, entrances and so on.


Rotting of Roots and Stems

You can identify stem rot from a slimy and soft stem, especially at the base near the ground. Root rot and stem rot are signs of fungal infection, this is the result of incorrect and excessive watering so that the roots and stems become waterlogged.

Solution : Trim all black and slimy parts of the plant, starting from the roots, stems and leaves. If the plant can still be saved, separate it from other plants and then replace the new planting medium. You can also use an organic fungicide or hydrogen peroxide.


Insect Pests

Philodendron may be known as an ornamental plant that is resistant to pests compared to other ornamental plants. However, due to the nature of their high growth, sometimes they are infested with dust mites. This type of spider mite is also often found nesting behind the leaves. If left unchecked this pest will cause black spots on the leaf surface. Over time the black spots will widen and produce large black spots.

Solution : Spray water vigorously on mites and other pests. In addition, you can also use a natural insecticide spray. Do it regularly so that the mites will not come back again.

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Mastar maxamed dubad


09 Sep 2023

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